Benefits of Yoga

New research is providing some insight into the benefits of yoga and why it is beneficial to our health. By applying practices like¬†¬†meditation, yoga, and deep breathing, the body’s ability to handle and recover from stress is enhanced. The body is brought to a state of relaxation that combats stress related symptoms such as...

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Headaches Are Not Normal

They might be common, but headaches are not normal. While taking pain medication can offer a quick fix and provide  instant relief, a more natural approach is both healthier and has long term benefits. When it comes to chiropractic treatment of headaches, the primary goal is to establish the cause, and then treat the...

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To sit or not to sit, that is the question!

To sit or not to sit while finding the correct working posture. There is a growing ergonomic trend that workstations should be height adjustable. This allows the user to be able to work in either a sitting or a standing position, thereby reducing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. While it is certainly true...

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