Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy Chiropractic Dr HiggsIt is evident that there is a great deal of benefit with pregnancy and chiropractic assistance.

There are four stages when the body needs to have an optimally working nervous system, and chiropractic can prepare the body for this.

Prior to pregnancy, the body can benefit from being strong and supple, in preparation of the nine months ahead, and the resulting changes the mother will undergo.

During pregnancy, regular chiropractic visits can alleviate any stresses, and offer a more natural approach to easing discomforts, contributing to a greater well-being.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Dr HiggsOptimum biomechanics of the hips and spine during the birthing process can be aided by chiropractic preparation, and can reduce the need for intrusive interventions.

Pregnancy and chiropractic does not end with the birth, as there are specific treatments for infants and adolescents.

Even natural births can cause stress on a baby’s spine, affecting breastfeeding postures, and causing discomfort and even pain.

Special care and and approach to adjustments are used to ensure you and your child are comfortable and safe at all times during procedures.

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