Headaches Are Not Normal

Headache Treatment Dr Madelaine HiggsThey might be common, but headaches are not normal.

While taking pain medication can offer a quick fix and provide  instant relief, a more natural approach is both healthier and has long term benefits.

When it comes to chiropractic treatment of headaches, the primary goal is to establish the cause, and then treat the underlying problem.

One of the most common causes of headaches are from the spinal bones in your neck that aren’t functioning properly.

They might not be supporting your head properly, and you might have limited movement of your head.

Headache Treatment Dr Madelaine HiggsOften you might not even be aware that you cant move your head properly.

Your muscles, nerves and even blood supply to your head are all affected by this.

This could be caused by what is termed a subluxation, or an incomplete or partial dislocation of one of your joints or vertebrae in your neck or spine.

Often this is the underlying cause of your headaches.

Once we have established the underlying cause after a thorough examination, it is possible to provide relief from headaches with an appropriate chiropractic procedure.

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